God’s Brilliant Plan
To break-the-back of Islam!
              (w/o money,w/o warfare)               
                                   "Fulfills end-time biblical prophecies"  > Daniel2:44-45, Isaiah2:4

By Daniel Rosenblit
Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved

(Beware: A local newspaper named newtimes did a terribly-slanderous article on me. The reporter never even met me in person, he only conducted a couple brief
phone interviews. He only knew I drove a gaudy-lettered truck because I drove it to their office when seeking an interview.The writer used a combination of honest
quotes, many half-truths, and some outright lies to make me appear like a buffoon! My rebuttal to that slanderous article > www.danielrosenblit.com)     

Prerequisite reading: www.pricelesseternal.homestead.com
Realize, that I am far better at verbally presenting
this holy-event than I am at explaining it through writing
{Also, due to my literary limitations I had difficulty blending all the crucial information that needed to be included herein. Therefore, please exercise lots of patience while reading this essay}

When reading, please adhere to the following instructions:

1  Put aside unrushed time out of your busy life
Patiently, and with an open mind, read entire essay
3 Click and read all accompanying links.
4 Afterwards, put aside time to reflect & pray
The implementation of the Fire-Challenge will put all religious folk on the entire planet on
the same ideological page. Countries will be encouraged to send representatives to eye-witness the
event for the purpose of making God's topmost ideology beyond distribute. Since the entire
world will now adhere to the same spiritual ideology, naturally this will end all religious-based wars!
Humanity's next step will be to create a Theocracy which will rule the entire world!
This Theocracy will be based upon the pillars of Godliness, Righteousness, and Truth.
Taking all of these steps will end all wars!

They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.
Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore” - Isaiah 2:4

(Concerning the fast approaching worldwide Theocracy the Almighty wants us to learn from the failed Iranian model.
Since they have been the world's only 'attempted' theocracy, we need to learn their successes and failures)
Attention: I will now retell the event that led up to God enlightening me how He wanted to enhance our modern-day spiritual fire-challenge, making it far more appetizing for Him to divinely intervene. ..

From the very start, intuitively I knew the Lord wanted this remake to be expanded to
include all the main religions of the world

> It was during the time that I was writing down the primitive version of the modern-day spiritual fire-challenge.  At that time I owned a large van. The Lord led me to turn my vehicle into a gaudy-looking, hippie, God-mobile. I did so.
   Soon thereafter, when I had it parked at walmart, a certain devout, hippie-Christian
lady placed a note on my windshield. The note said something like the following,
"I just love the way you did your truck! I can see that you are a hippie-christian as I am.
I would love to meet you.  May I suggest that we begin by emailing one another?"
     I emailed her, sending her the primitive version of the modern-day spiritual
fire-challenge, requesting that she critique it.

Straightaway, she informed me that this plan couldn't possibly be of God because by
one offering to walk into a fire we would be breaking God's law, as we would be
'Tempting the Lord, thy God' (the scriptures forbids this).
   If one is thrown in a fire due to his faith that is one thing, but one is not permitted to voluntarily walking into a fire.

As I read her 'constructive criticism' my heart sank as I had thought this plan was from Above, and now I was doubting. I recalled many years ago reading that some theologians have criticized St. Francis for making his spiritual fire-challenge for that very same reason!
      I affirmed to God, "her criticism is correct,".
    To get to the truth I dropped everything that I was doing and was preparing myself to plunge into deep prayer. However,  Instantaneously (the Lord never has responded to my petitions so quickly as this one time), the Lord gave the following response to her criticism:                          (Note: God has never spoken one audible word to me, He has His way of transmitting information to me)
Now, the gist of God's response:

"Please, put matters in their proper perspective. . .
1 - Only to stop the fast-approaching, awful blood-bath in the middle east has the Lord bent His rules, giving His blessing for this spiritual, fire-challenge to proceed!
2 - Additionally, the Almighty takes special pleasure in bestowing bountiful blessings to His topmost servants. St. Francis is a member of that blessed group.
By us manifesting this remake of his spiritual fire-challenge we are winning a priceless blessing for Francis. Here is how:
I wouldn't have even conceived the idea of making his modern-day fire challenge if He hadn't of had the courage to risk a cruel death by marching into muslim's camp and make his fire challenge 800 years ago. He birthed the original idea. Thus, I am standing upon his shoulders in creating today's fire-challenge > God's plan to prove His most important spiritual truths to all of the world! Therefore, Francis becomes the Father of the Messianic Age! (that is a major part of the reason that God led the new pope to name himself, Francis!)
3 - Here is the best part!  The following addition supremely pleases the Almighty:
*There needs to be a worldwide invitation, heavily promoted over the cable news network, given to all of the world's able-bodied devout monotheistic believers (one billion people).       For them  to become active participants in this event by partnershipping with God thru the medium of everyone performing the same fasting-penance. This compelling God to divinely intervene.
The Lord revealed to me this addition by first bringing my attention to the countless multitude of devout monotheistic believers from the different faiths. (He had already revealed to me that all of them are dear to Him, as He judges the heart. We are Christians only because we had the good fortune of being born in the USA. If we were born in Iran we'd probably be muslims. Therefore, until the time arrives when God's most important spiritual truths are universally known by the members of all of the faiths, all the devout monotheistic disciples are acceptable to Him) 
   Next, the Almighty brought my attention to Queen Esther of ancient Persia, and the rigorist 3 day dry fast (no food or water) which she ordered all the hebrews of that land to perform, in response to the terrible peril  they were facing due to the King's genocidal decree. (Queen Esther, without any seminary training was wiser in practical spiritual knowledge than most of today's religious leaders. In times of great peril she knew a simple, yet effective way to compel God to intervene in earthly emergencies.   She ordered all the hebrews, acting in one accord to perform the 3-day dry prayerfast! 
Easily, the most potenized of short prayerfasts > www.turbocharging-prayers.homestead.com)
    This spiritual, fire event must be heavily promoted {CNN/FOX assistance is crucial}.
Again, the Almighty is warmly inviting believers from all monotheistic faiths, thru the medium of penance, to partnership with Him thru partaking in the 3-day dry prayerfast.
(The prayer/fast must be completed right before the fire-event begins!)

*Magical components of Messianic-linked events:
1-  All His people acting in one accord
2- making a heroic effort {the 3 day, dry prayerfasting}
3- involving a certain divinely-chosen, sacred-event! (spiritual, fire-challenge).

Therefore, St. Francis becomes blessed in the following fashion:
* Being partners to straightening out all spiritual confusion on the planet in our day!
* Preparing the ground (800 years ago), for the launching of the Messianic Age today!
Therefore, St. Francis becomes the father of the Messianic Age!
This is a big part of the reason that the new Pope prophetically named himself, Francis!!! (he doesn't have this piece of the puzzle yet) 
> This televised miracle will straighten out all spiritual confusion on the entire planet,
uniting all the devout from all the various faiths under the banner of honoring God's most important spiritual truths (at the same time, this proving of God's most important spiritual truths will have a secondary effect of exposing the worst of heresies!)

All prayerfasters will be partnershipping with God to bringing forth the Messianic Age!              A double, mega-honor!  Thus, this honor isn't merely awesome, rather its awesome, awesome!!!

One billion believers; God's friends from the four-corners of the world thru performing this prayerfasting penance are partnershipping with the Creator to bringforth the Messianic Age!
Thus, to commemorate this most sacred event the Lord desires to make it memorable!

> In conclusion, I must add: The name of the hippie-christian lady
is Danielle, mine is Daniel! (There are no coincidences!)

The Lord's response to Danielle's honest criticism of Francis's spiritual, fire-challenge is what made the remake burst forth with so much additional glory! Making our remake far more glorious than mere human wisdom could ever have made it!!!)

>Please put aside time to digest and ponder what you have just read<
Additional information you might want to know

Through manifesting this miracle on CNN / FOX  the Lord will be proving His most important spiritual truths
& mercies! Thereafter, religious folk from different monotheistic faiths will for the first time look upon members of other faiths as favorably they now look upon their own brethren (hint: one of the truths our Heavenly Father will be revealing is that all the major world religions contain sacredness. None of these religions are worthless. All of their devout ones are precious to the Almighty, as He judges the heart!)

Additionally, after this televised miracle occurs, believers from previously different faiths will for the first time harmoniously work together, en masse! For the first time in history, creating a world system based upon Godliness, Righteousness, and Truth will be attainable! Then, we have gone as far as humanly possible to bring heaven to earth! This is what God wants from religious folk! Hasn't it been said, "God wants us to do all that we can,
then leave the rest up to Him?"  Need I say more?

As you know this time around, the challenge will not solely be directed towards Muslims, but it will encompass all religions that believe and proselytize that their faith is  top-most.

Most religions brainwash their flocks into believing that they alone are privy to the pure, unadulterated divine truths. That, only their take on the scriptures is flawless.  Most religions hold their flocks by brainwashing them; teaching that one is seriously risking losing their salvation if you leave the confines of their church or denomination. The brainwashed brainwash the new converts, as they themselves have been brainwashed (For reasons such as this Jesus warned, "Do not partake of the leaven of the Pharisees"). Additionally, for so many religion has become a business (sic)! 

Its time for all spiritual lies & misinterpretations to come to an end! Praise God!!
We will invite the leaders (or their reps) of all the religions who believe their faith topmost:
(the Pope, Mormon’s leader, Jehovah Witnesses leader, Seventh-Day Adventist leader, Sikh leader, Bahai leader, chief Rabbi of Israel, Hare Krishna leader, Pat Robertson (evangelical), Min. Farrakhan, the leader of the white supremacists,etc.  Especially, the Muslims will be invited; Sunni, Shias, & smaller sects!) 
Invite them all to enter a bonfire together! If the Shias and the Sunni Muslim reps walk into the fire they will definitely perish. Perish, as their theology is full of flaws. If they refuse to participate they also lose their credibility, as they should!
Only someone famous or well-connected can get this fire-challenge onto the international stage.
Therefore, for the love of God, help me reach one!
(unless, of course, you got somthin better to do with your free time!)
(Tebow, Netanyahu, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, a well-connected Pastor or Rabbi, CNN or FOX reporters, Geert Wilders, someone famous, etc. Note: God will not allow us to work through an
abortion-rights politician, as He considers them too dirty). Share this plan with your friends, family,
and those who can help get it to the right people. If you were to live 10,000 years hooking this up
will be the holiest act that you will ever do!
Servant of God,

PS> As wondrous as is this divine plan, its only the very beginning! 
Additionally, I possess other wondrous plans from Above.  If implemented, these plans will shake this world for the glory of God,  going even further to prepare the world for the glorious, Second Coming of Christ! But, the first step is this Fire-Event!